(from our latest Instagram post)

(from our latest Instagram post)


Dear Fellow Anglers,

You've seen this one before, but this is me - the regular guy behind the name. I'm not the only Deep South Angler, we are all Deep South Anglers. I started this company with the vision of spreading joy through fly fishing and its wonderful tradition. I cannot express the breadth of happiness that fishing has brought me over the years of my life, even in the toughest and saddest times. In the same way, close to my heart is the South, where I know the sport has the extraordinary potential to flourish as more and more anglers of both cool and warm water fish species are introduced to this amazing sport. I truly believe the entire fly fishing community will be benefitted by such a movement in my home region. I also wanted the company to symbolize a tremendous respect for nature. It is Deep South Angler's promise to give 5% of every single sale back to conservation so that our precious waterways will be protected for generations of fly fisherman to come. Thanks to everyone for the support so far, I cannot express what it has meant. Also, I would not have made it far without the advice and input of my good friend and creative partner @lpritch3, a great fisherman and trusted friend. I decided to post this to allow some transparency with the company. We would love to hear any feedback from any of you anglers and friends out there. What would you like to see most from Deep South Angler? Currently, we are working on more flies, shirt designs and even rods for the coming weeks and months. We are also developing plans for a video series. Please know that you mean so much to Deep South Angler, since you have been there with @deepsouthangler from the ground level. We are just getting started, so the only direction from here is up!

Tight lines y'all,