Dear Fellow Anglers,

To begin, please accept my most sincere apology for the ongoing delay in setup of our new online store, the release of our promised new line of products (specifically hats and an expanded selection of flies).  Further, had you enjoyed my previous posts, you would have been rather disappointed for about a month now, as I have not posted since April 24.  I apologize for that as well. 

Fly fishing is such a beautiful sport - not only does it teach us profound diligence, patience, and many other lessons both on and off the water, but, in its glorious intricacy, it is also illustrious of life's many phases, whether delightful or tempestuous.  It becomes a part of us: its depth and detail forge parallels to every mountain, every valley, and every canyon or crevice found within life.  And, of course, we know that at the source of fly fishing we find the precious and clear-flowing waters, carrying us along for the ride whether we are ready or not.  Sometimes we are not ready for the boulders or barriers we face on the stream, finding ourselves far-flung, washed out, or deeply hung on the undersides of the rocks.   As of late, such has been the case in my life.  

There could scarcely be a more appropriate metaphor: we are on the mend after being set back.  Just as one mends his line against the drag of the current, I am ready to move forward once again in life and with DSA.  I hope and pray that great things are in store, not just for me, but for all of us as anglers and lovers of creation.  I will begin posting weekly at minimum and more often as I am able.  I would also invite any fellow angler-writers out there to contribute a guest post on my blog if you would be interested in doing so.  Contact me anytime.    

I hope you find the time this Memorial Day to remember the fallen heroes of our military - those who gave their lives for us all, protecting the things and the people we hold most dear.  Certainly, we would have hardly been able to live as freely or go fishing as often without such brave sacrifice.  This is a very sacred thing, and I hope you take the time to ponder it as you cast a line in the sunshine this weekend.    

May the waters leave you feeling refreshed this Memorial Day weekend.  

Safe and happy angling to all,