Dear Fellow Anglers,

Today's tip is short and to the point.  Are you tired of losing fish?  Maybe just last weekend you had a 20+ inch monster hooked (or so you thought), but he got away just before you could scoop him into the net.  Then you yelped in agony as another PR got away!  Here are two things you can do to lose fewer fish and land more of those lunkers in the boat:

1.  Be patient and let the rod do the fighting.  This part is simple.  Let the fish wear itself out while you keep the pole bent without letting the line get too tight.  Let him run some! 

2.  This is huge and a lot of anglers do not have one.  Purchase a hook file.  Filing down you hooks and being sure they are razor sharp is an excellent way to guarantee a fish is hooked well.  This is helpful not only in keeping the fish from breaking free, but also from allowing it to swallow the hook.  A sharp hook will stick to the place it first makes contact!  

Makes sense, doesn't it!  Go give it a shot.  

Tight lines,